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CEO and President New York City IT firm “Freda created a recruitment campaign for us that began with defining the characteristics of a highly effective Administrative assistant as well as a Sales Executive. She showed us how to align our company’s vision with descriptions of a highly effective new hire. She guided us through determining how the new staff member would impact our vision within the first 90 days.  Freda then matched these descriptions with her job analysis, job specifications, and from that she designed the job description. From there, she began her recruitment process.  The Results = new staff person hired in less than 60 days.” We are truly enjoying our new team member. She was a pleasure to work with throughout the recruitment process. Her reputation speaks for itself. If you want the best, hire Freda. ict

Alex Rivero, CEO/President Paramount Construction Company – “In under nine (9) days, Freda helped me recruit a new Office Manager, and this new staff person is someone that I truly enjoy working with. That’s got to be some kind of record, nine (9) days! She provided flexible price points within my budget and deliverables that specifically met my needs. Freda went above and beyond to ensure I had the necessary supporting documents to transition person that I was replacing. Freda also provided on-boarding materials to help me with my new hire. I am very grateful for her help in finding me the ideal candidate. She is the consummate professional and I look forward to working with her again to help me create best practice company procedures and policies.”


Gale St. John

Gale St. John, President, CEO – The Maids NYC, Inc. “Are you serious about growing your business? There is an individual that I work with who is as serious as you are. Freda is a very serious business coach. You may have what you think are the goals to grow the business, or the pillars to grow your business but with Freda, she will suggest, and enhance those goals. What makes her effective is her ability to understand, communicate, and most importantly hold you accountable for the goals that you are asking her to help you with. If you truly are serious about growing your business, I would suggest working with Freda. I am not someone easily managed, and Freda has the ability to manage and be effective working with me, not under just one agreement but now moving into three separate working arrangements.”

George Petriccione, President, GRP Computer Consulting –George Petriccione“Over a 90-day period, I had the pleasure of working closely with Freda whilst recruiting a Sales Associate. Freda took the time to understand my company and the nuances of the type of candidate I was looking to hire.  She offered great advice in the candidate selection process. I would definitely recommend her, and given the opportunity, I would welcome the chance to utilize her services again.”

Price and Marketing Strategist

Kenyetta Rose

Kenyetta Rose-Price & Placement Marketing Strategist  “First off let me say that Freda is not your average consultant. Not only does she ask the” right” questions, but she probes your mind to get a better understanding of what your mindset is and what it is that might be hindering from achieving desired results in the past. After our meeting, I had the courage to ask myself questions that I avoided before, Freda made me feel courageous and confident, because not only does she offer expertise but she sort of comes in as a bit of a life coach by encouraging you to be positive and energetic so that people will be drawn to both business and personality! After all, people do tend to do business with people they like. Toward the end of our meeting, she asked me what issues were most urgent to me out of everything we’d discussed. What this did was force me to think back through our conversation and even regurgitate some of the information, ensuring that I didn’t just walk away with a “yes, ma’am, yes I got everything” attitude only to seconds later forget the point of the meeting. Because she was so thorough and clear, I was able to recall, with ease and effortlessness, important points of our discussion. Once I did this, Freda helped my mind go through mental exercises designed to get me thinking differently and more creatively than I’d done in the past. The next step for me is to develop an action plan and I am looking forward to working with her more in the future.”

Mike Temple

Mike Temple

Michael Temple-Business Coach, Facilitator, Speaker- “This recommendation for Freda Thomas is addressed to a specific few. To the artisan, to the creator at heart, to the individuals who look to make this world a better place through the vehicle of a business, you have found a mentor and coach in Freda Thomas. She too is an artist at heart. I consider Freda“financially bilingual”; her ability to take the most complicated financial information and translate it into the simplest terms is astonishing. Freda looks at each of her clients as a gift and a blessing and she treats each one of them as just that. I have seen Freda take her clients mission as her personal cause. Again, to the artisan, working with Freda will deliver you closer to your goal and most importantly will deliver to you a friend and coach for life.”

Chetney Stone-Pastry Chef-Entrepreneur “I’m grateful for Ms.Freda Thomas. She gave an awesome entrepreneur workshop during my studies at LaGuardia Community College. I’ve been struggling with writing my business plan for the past year. I recently went through all my paperwork from school and came across all of the information that was given to me during the workshop. Ms.Freda’s handouts have helped me write my business plan. What took me a year to contemplate only took me ONE DAY to write. All because of the valuable information given to me by Ms. Freda. Thank you so very much. I appreciate your wisdom & knowledge beyond words!”

Ramon Ray, Publisher Smart Hustle Magazine “Freda is a speaker who blends her audience interactivity with inspiration and a passion to go on and GROW one’s business. She’ll leave you feeling inspired and excited. Be uncomfortable, set a bigger goal, focus and more…wow.”

Rose GoodridgeCherilyn Rose Goodridge, Fashion Designer “Freda makes starting your own business doable. She wants her clients to succeed and   she takes the fear and anxiety out of the process.  The top 3 talents that set her apart from other consultants, patience, authenticity, drive for excellence.

Marilyn Hyacinth, Gorlyn I.T. Management “Freda’s expertise covers the gamut; social networking, business positioning; you name it and she can help you do it better. Plain-spoken, imaginative, and just simply friendly.” If you are looking for a new opportunity or just want to look closer at what you are doing now and where it is taking you, talk to Freda. She is a true champion. Freda is really wonderful; you should contact her and make use of her deep understanding and wonderful intuition.”

Chunyee Miot, CPA “After three coaching sessions, Freda helped me get my feet in the door to pitch my services to services to  doctors,

Chunyee Miotlawyers and other CPA’s. Freda showed me how to prospect, create a client acquisition cycle, and how to better sell myself and my services. The tips, tools, and resources that she provides helped me to achieve the results and outcomes I’ve always longed to have. Freda gets right to the problem, offering real-world tangible entrepreneurial. That coupled with her MBA studies enables her to best resolve any challenge a business might face. You can’t miss with a business advisor like Freda. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance in building a better and stronger enterprise.”

Rosangela Arnold, CEO Viva Natural “As Oprah Winfrey says, “ I had a “a-ha” moment working with Freda. I was having a hard time trying to figure out if I was charging enough for my product. Freda took care of that and created an income statement for me where I could see just what it cost to produce my cheese balls. I went from being anxious to fully understanding how much I was spending to make the product, and she also calculated my monthly expenses so that now I know how much I’m earning after expenses. What a relief to work with someone like Freda to help me navigate the challenges of starting a business. I am so grateful for her ability to analyze, calculate and help me create the kind of enterprise that can take care of me and my family for years to come.”

Maureen Fairlie

Maureen Fairlie

Maureen Fairlie, President, CEO Snappy Solutions, Inc. “Working with Freda over a six-month period, my gross margins increased by 30%. She also showed me how to reduce my COGS with a key vendor by 17%. In 2010 under Freda’s guidance my business hit a major milestone. Freda Thomas is awesome to work with. Her business coaching is timely and her efficiency gets right to the critical issues a business might be facing.”

Lydia J. Clark-President-CEO Pure Spa SquaredPure Spa Squared “Freda has been my goto business coach since my businesses inception. Her vast experience as the previous owner of a distributorship, helps to inform my critical decision regarding targeting and promoting my products. Many times, I’ve called her or emailed to ask her advice on a new approach or to get her feedback on product packaging and feel, and she always makes herself available bringing a clarity and a professional approach to any area requiring further exploration.”

Elaine Gipson, President Businessmatch.com“When I decided to take the journey away from a stressful career, I found the perfect companion in Freda Thomas. With Freda guiding the process in developing my online social business network, I was able to form a business perspective that helped me formulate and strategize my start-up operation. Freda researched and collected valuable information related to on-line branding, as she has a wealth of capabilities and business acumen in the areas surrounding engaging a target and using earned and paid media to help promote and get the word out about a product or service. Freda would be an exceptional coach and guide on any business development journey. “

Felicia Mann, Marketing Specialist/Realtor Associate, Jordan Barris Realtors “Collaborating with Freda has been a valuable experience. I was looking for help to target my services to the right constituency, home buyers and sellers, and Freda helped me to think critically about the type of client most likely reap the greatest financial benefits. She is an excellent problem solver, with the ability to address the critical issues of an enterprise and identify key solutions.”