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Staff Recruitment

If you don’t take time to hire the best employees that you can find, your company’s growth may be impaired. Often times a company will hire an individual that they like. They hire for common interest and fail to consider the individual’s attitude. That’s why I created All In One Staffing Solutions (AIOSS) is a 100% cloud based, automated staffing recruitment and staff management prograllinone-signatuream that speaks to the critical concerns of hiring and managing staff. AIOSS includes skills assessment, an employee manual, employee rewards and incentives, one-on-one appraisal form, payroll and benefits resources, sales training program, and tips guidelines on how to exit employees.

Click here for an overview of All In One Staffing Solutions.

Click here for a short, fun video introduction to All In One Staffing Solutions.

If you’d like help identifying and recruiting great staff, here’s what my process entails:

  1. Job analysis helps to determine the kind of employee you’re looking for. We come up with a list of must have skills and behavior verses desired skills and behavior, to help identify and describe the ideal candidate.  Click here for an overview of my job analysis process.
  2. Job description is the next step.
  3. All In One Staffing allows for automation in securing job applications, making it easy to track applications and stay on top of their supporting information, resumes and cover letters.
  4. Selecting the best candidates comes next and scheduling pre-interviews.
  5. Five to seven ideal applicants are chosen for a face-to-face interview with the owners/managers of the organization, based on their success at answering and responding to skills and behavioral assessments. Clients credit me with the ability to read a candidate to determine whether or not they are a good fit. I’m trained in DiSC (a behavioral assessment). DiSC is based on four characteristics. Dominance, Intelligence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.
  6. Checking references comes nest
  7. After that is the offer/rejection letter
  8. On-boarding precedes the offer letter
  9. The company takes over after that.

If needed, I can also help with on-boarding, training and development, and retention.

Click here for a sample job description.

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