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Staff Recruitment and the Pre-Interview 

I manage staff recruitment for technology companies, IT firms, and construction related businesses in New York City.

Staff Recruitment and the Pre-Interview

Staff Recruitment and the Pre-Interview

THE thing that differentiates me from most recruiters is my vetting process, and the fact that I am a serial entrepreneur who has hired up to twelve employees for my own enterprise.

I differentiate myself in the amount of due diligence I undertake in order to identify and select the type candidate who has stickiness.

Job analysis is the first phase of my recruitment process.

Job Analysis is a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given job.

staff recruitment, staff outsourcing

staff recruitment, staff outsourcing

Job analysis questions:

  • The usual, i.e. start date, best time to schedule interviews, salary, salary ceiling, etc.
  • What’s the vision for the company over the next 12 months, 6 months, 90 days
  • How would you like your new hire to impact that vision
  • What are the essential and desired skills
  • What type behavioral characteristics are important? I use the DiSC behavioral assessment for greater clarity around behavior.
  • What are the behavioral characteristics of the manager the new hire will report to?
  • Describe the work environment? Will the person manage chaos on a day-to-day basis? Managing chaos is the norm with growing start-ups.
  • What’s the size of the company, number of employees, revenue milestones?
  • Company culture? Is it familial, big and impersonal, or something else?

Next, the pre-interview questions.

pre-interview questions

pre-interview questions

I ask questions out of sequence to determine how candidates think on their feet.

My favorite pre-interview questions:

  • Question # 1 –What is your work environment preference? 1)busy and formal, 2)stimulating, personal, 3)friendly, personal, 4)relaxed, friendly, 5)structured, organized formal? Those candids who respond that they like structure, more than likely, they would not survive in a start-up enterprise where managing chaos is the norm.
  • Questions #2-Aspects of a job that frustrate you? I provide several options. Here’s three. 1) Changing expectations 2) short temper 3)things moving too fast
  • Question #3-Decision criteria you will use to decide whether to accept your next job offer

Pre-interviews take about 30-minutes.

I conduct them via Skype.

At pre-interview, I’m observing body language, unusual eye movement.

Learn more about how to interpret body language here.


Body language Possible meaning
Avoiding eye contact
  • Lying
  • Not interested
  • Not telling the whole truth
Serious eye contact
  • Trying to intimidate
  • Showing anger
Touching the face/fidgeting
  • Nervousness
  • Lack of confidence
  • Submission
  • Agreeing
  • Willing to compromise
Shaking the head/turning away
  • Frustrated
  • In disbelief
  • Disagreeing with a point


Prior to the pre-interview, I provide each candidate a monologue about the company, it’s culture, the characteristics of the owner and reporting managers, work expectation, perks and benefits, as well as challenges.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in my twenty-five years of owning several companies and hiring up to twelve employees for my own firm – don’t rush to interview and don’t rush to hire.

If you’d like to know more about pre-interviewing and the actual face-to-face interview process that I and my staff utilize, be in touch at info@consultflt.com.

“On-Boarding and Managing the 21st Century Workforce.”  Colleagues – Daniel Bellizio, Esq., employment attorney, and William McNeal, Authorized Partner, Everything DiSC, helped to facilitate this webinarDiSC is a behavioral assessment tool which centers on four behavioral traits: dominance, influence, conscientious, steadiness.

Webinar objective:

  • Help business owners focus on hiring properly from the start
  • Discuss legal parameters related to new hire
  • Help to remove barriers associated with an improper hireaat-on-boarding
  • Introduce DiSC behavioral assessment to enhance the hiring process

Webinar Highlights:

  • According to HBR, 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions
  • It cost 1/3 an annual salary to replace a bad hire
  • Companies hire the wrong person because they hire for skills and fire for attitude
  • A company can reduce the number of bad hires by recruiting for attitude and skill
  • When recruiting articulate the company’s vision for the next 12 months
  • Break that vision down into 90 day intervals
  • Determine how you want the new hire to affect that vision in the first 90 days
  • Know the best behavioral traits for specific positions
  • Learn to recruit based on the best behavioral fit
  • DiSC team assessment can help build a more cohesive working relationship
  • The DiSC team comparison/assessment provides a summary of the natural priorities each individual values
  • The DiSC group culture report  is good for the supervisor to help predict group behavior

Hiring legal ramifications:

  • According Daniel Bellizio, Esq. the offer letter should stay away from any “guaranteed” or “annual” language
  • The offer letter, if you aren’t careful, can unintentionally create an employment contract
  • Know that employment relationships are generally presumed to be “at will”
  • A handbook is not an employment contract
  • The handbook is a compilation of the company’s policies, practices and benefits
  • The goal of the handbook – ensure all employees are treated in a uniform and consistent manner

To learn more or to obtain a copy of the webinar presentation in its entirety, send your email to info@consultflt.com.Subject: please forward webinar presentation ” “On-Boarding and Managing the 21st Century Workforce.”

Staff Recruitment 101

  1. Create a job analysis form and document the essential qualities, skills, and behavior you want in a new hire
  2. Have a questionnaire handy to determine the behavior of the candidate. Here’s a link to a free DiSC assessment
  3. Understand and identify the motivators and drivers that will keep employees engaged
  4. Create the job description
  5. Create the interview application (preferably online in order to automate the recruitment process)
  6. Have a set of pre-interview questions prepared, both cognitive, problem solving as well as skill set questions
  7. Schedule interviews – face-to-face
  8. Invite staff at different levels to come meet the candidate during the interview
  9. Check references and background check
  10. Provide offer letter/and or rejection letter
  11. Memorialize the employment agreement

I have created an automated staff recruitment which includes each of the components mentioned above.

To learn more about my recruitment process contact me