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Claggett & Sons, Inc.

I recently attended Freda’s webinar, “Marketing for  Construction” and found it not just valuable and informative, but crucial for staying on top of our current marketing strategy. Freda is very well spoken, has an excellent business vocabulary, enunciates as she communicates so there’s never a doubt that what she’s communicating is important. Her ideas and strategies are not just about out-of-the-box thinking, it’s really re-focusing what you possibly already know about your business (or in my case, what makes our business unique). Within hours of this webinar, we were making critical changes to our website, checking our listing in Google Places, and writing press releases for the local newspapers. With a gracious personality, Freda is always thinking about how she can help and you can hear the smile in her voice as she speaks. Your business needs Freda’s expert advice if you really want to succeed (and excel) in your industry.

Renae Spurgeon
Office Manager
Claggett & Sons, Inc.

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