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Harvard Business Review – Books, Cases, Articles, Audio, and more…

Step-By-Step Guide to Smart Business Experiments Articles are available for purchase, but if you access an article from the search box, you can read online. The link below will take you to the article, “A Step-By-Step Guide to Smart Business Experiments” by Eric T. Anderson, Duncan Simester, 9 pages. Publication date: Mar 01, 2011. Prod.Continue Reading

Seminars and Workshops

Content that is relevant to the audience,audiences walk away feeling empowered. Participants who have learned as a result of participation, tools and resources they can apply immediately.Continue Reading

Marketing Services

Gain marketing share, attract new customers, increase revenue potentialContinue Reading

Business Plans

My proposals get fundedContinue Reading

One-to-One Coaching

Increase your ability to quickly identify problems and solve them Learn how to increase sales Learn how to decrease expenses Become more efficient in day-to-day operationsContinue Reading

What’s Happening

MY NEW BOOK!  Continue Reading

Chunyee Miot, CPA

“I’ve met with Freda for 3 business coaching sessions. In that short time, she has helped me create a strategy to sell my services to doctors. In 3 sessions, Freda taught me how to promote myself, create a marketing funnel to prospect, which is getting me in front of the type clients I want toContinue Reading

Start-Up Social Business Network

“When I decided to take the journey away from a stressful career, I found the perfect companion in Freda Thomas. With Freda guiding the process in developing my online social business network, I was able to form a business perspective that helped me formulate and strategize my start-up operation. Freda researched and collected valuable informationContinue Reading

Aromatherapy Company

“Freda has been my goto business coach since my businesses inception. Her vast experience as the previous owner of a distributorship, helps to inform my critical decision regarding targeting and promoting my products. Many times, I’ve called her or emailed to ask her advice on a new approach or to get her feedback on productContinue Reading

Realtor Associate

“Collaborating with Freda Thomas has been a valuable experience. I was looking for help to target my services to the right constituency, home buyers and sellers, and Freda helped me to think critically about the type of client most likely reap the greatest financial benefits. She is an excellent problem solver, with the ability toContinue Reading