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New York State Certified Business Advisor

New York State Certified Business Advisor

Coach/Advisory Service

Owning your own business can be both gratifying and perplexing. As a Business Coach and Advisor, I help you avoid the challenges and pitfalls that can lead to failure, that’s if you’re not careful. I have engineered a cloud based program to identify the critical concerns most organization’s have to deal with. This cloud based program will help you identify the most important challenge your organization is facing. Next, working together, we come up with new approaches, and in some cases we simply tweak what you’re doing, to help things to run more smoothly and efficiently. When starting out, most businesses are great at producing great widgets, but not so great in addressing organizational concerns. With money concerns I suggest to think absolutes and “must have” expenditures verses purchasing items that it “would be nice to have, but that are not essential.”  When you work with a Business Coach/Advisor like me, you gain perspective, and new approaches. You learn critical critical thinking skills. You get to work with an Advisor who has not only secured Business Certification, but I have also built and scaled several successful enterprises of my own. You also benefit from the insights I have gained from counseling 100’s of businesses and business owners, across numerous organizational challenges, and across various industries and sectors. If you need a better handle on how to manage cash flow, increase sales, recruit and maintaining great staff, I can introduce you to some of the proven approaches that I have used, to help many of my clients to render remarkable results! To learn more, don’t hesitate to give me a call, 718-938-2164 or email me. Click here to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. Courteous, friendly, willing to help! That’s me. I love talking with business owners.
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