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Harvard Business Review – Books, Cases, Articles, Audio, and more…

Step-By-Step Guide to Smart Business Experiments Articles are available for purchase, but if you access an article from the search box, you can read online. The link below will take you to the article, “A Step-By-Step Guide to Smart Business Experiments” by Eric T. Anderson, Duncan Simester, 9 pages. Publication date: Mar 01, 2011. Prod.Continue Reading

Aromatherapy Company

“Freda has been my goto business coach since my businesses inception. Her vast experience as the previous owner of a distributorship, helps to inform my critical decision regarding targeting and promoting my products. Many times, I’ve called her or emailed to ask her advice on a new approach or to get her feedback on productContinue Reading

Realtor Associate

“Collaborating with Freda Thomas has been a valuable experience. I was looking for help to target my services to the right constituency, home buyers and sellers, and Freda helped me to think critically about the type of client most likely reap the greatest financial benefits. She is an excellent problem solver, with the ability toContinue Reading

Distributor Green Janitorial Supplies

“Working with Freda over a six-month period, my gross margins increased by 30%. She also showed me how to reduce my COGS with a key vendor by 17%. In 2010 under Freda’s guidance we over-shot our revenue goals. Freda Thomas is awesome to work with. Her business coaching is timely and her efficiency gets rightContinue Reading

Viva Natural

“As Oprah Winfrey says, “ I had a “a-ha” moment working with Freda. I was having a hard time trying to figure out if I was charging enough for my product. Freda took care of that and created an income statement for me where I could see just what it cost to produce my cheeseContinue Reading

Claggett & Sons, Inc.

I recently attended Freda’s webinar, “Marketing for  Construction” and found it not just valuable and informative, but crucial for staying on top of our current marketing strategy. Freda is very well spoken, has an excellent business vocabulary, enunciates as she communicates so there’s never a doubt that what she’s communicating is important. Her ideas andContinue Reading